Release expected in April 2018 with WordPress 5.0

Gutenberg Icon from WordPressFor the last year WordPress has been working on Gutenberg, a new editor experience for WordPress. This new drag and drop, intuitive block editor is named for Johannes Gutenberg who introduced Europe to the printing press.

Gutenberg’s revolutionary way of assembling pieces of type and pressing words into a page made publishing faster, more economical and allowed for the proliferation of knowledge as books, formerly only available to the ultra-elite-wealthy, became reasonably more affordable. Gutenberg the coming new WordPress editor is going to revolutionize the WordPress dashboard experience according to many on the team who are developing it.

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New to WordPress? Check out WordPress.TV

WordPress TV helps you conquer the uphill climb to learn WordPress

If you’re new to WordPress, you may feel like you are climbing uphill as you learn the basics. However, you can learn many of the fundamental tasks simply by watching videos from the free resource: WordPress.TV.

Videos posted to the site include presentations from WordCamp events across the country and even the world. At the Charleston WordPress Meetup we recently viewed a video on how to choose plugins which was given at WordCamp Raleigh in 2016 by Andrea Ferguson.

Want to know how to moderate or manage comments? Need to understand how to use the Dashboard? How do you update your version of WordPress? There are many, many videos covering all the basics and event complicated topics. We’ve selectedten videos which we think are great for you if you’re new to WordPress and need to understand where to start.

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WordPress versions must be kept updated to prevent open doors into your site.

Don’t leave your front door open for hackers and bots.

One of the most common ways for homes and cars to be broken into is via an unlocked door. If you’re not regularly updating your website content management software, you’re leaving your front door open and hanging out a welcome sign.

Keep WordPress up-to-date and help eliminate vulnerabilities in your website.

Learn more about using WordPress with our series of video tutorials.

Children playing tag

Tag your posts

Summer evenings on the lawn, children play a game of chase in which they run after one another, and when they get close enough to the person they are chasing, they reach out their hand and touch the person, screaming in delight, “Tag, you’re IT!”

Within your website, content tags work along the same idea, allowing authors to identify related content, simply by tagging it and make it active. Continue reading “Use WordPress Tags to Help Readers Find Topics”

using laptop computer to set wordpress categories

If you’re planning to use posts to your site’s blog to enhance your search results and search presence, you need to understand how powerful categories are.

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WordPress logo

Make your WordPress site work for you

WordPress websites can support many of your company’s communications and marketing tasks. With the right plugins, theme and other elements, you can get lots of functionality from your site — which is almost like having an extra staff member. Which makes us ask the question, why haven’t you explored all the things WordPress can do? Continue reading “WordPress Websites Can Do…All That”

What are the most popular WordPress Plugins? plugins page

What’s a WordPress plugin?

One of WordPress’ greatest strengths is its Plugins*. In fact, your website or blog could be managed far more efficiently with the addition of carefully selected plugins that either solve a specific problem or provide an essential function. Below, we’ve briefed the top ten plugins based on number of downloads from—the raves, the rants and the reason why you are better off with or without them.  Continue reading “Top Ten Plugins By Numbers of Downloads from WordPress.Org”