Our Story

Why we do what we do

In 2008 while seeking a website content management platform which would allow users to add and manage content themselves, we met WordPress.

And we fell in love. And we committed ourselves to the platform and haven’t looked back. We use it for all the websites we develop for our Charleston PR & Design clients.

Since then, we’ve delighted in the growth and new features which are added in every new WordPress generation.

As WordPress developers with Charleston PR and members of the WP User group in Charleston, SC, we’ve heard tales that could curl your hair. People with WordPress sites who never got lessons from their developers, of content lost, of excessive fees charged.

We thought, “There’s got to be a better way to help people learn to use their WordPress sites.”

And so WP Intelligence was sprouted from a small seed into a sapling and now we’ve taken root. Branched out to help you learn to use WordPress with more intelligence.

Increase your intelligence by purchasing coaching, mentoring time for phone conferences, or screen share tutorials.

Dedicated to growing your ability to use WordPress

Cheryl Smithem, founder of WP Intelligence

cheryl smithem

WordPress front-end content creator, SEO guru and tutor. Cheryl’s journey with the CMS started in 2008 and over the years she’s authored content that has helped sites gain prominence across the web.

Bill Smithem, chief WordPress engineer and developer for WP Intelligence

bill smithem

With more than 30 years software engineering experience, Bill is our chief WordPress developer, glitch resolver and arranger of electrons. As he always says, “It’s only software.” He makes solving WordPress problems easy!