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Make your WordPress site work for you

WordPress websites can support many of your company’s communications and marketing tasks. With the right plugins, theme and other elements, you can get lots of functionality from your site — which is almost like having an extra staff member. Which makes us ask the question, why haven’t you explored all the things WordPress can do?

Our top 20 reasons for having WordPress websites

  1. Author blog posts within your own domain to demonstrate expertise, share insight, and solve customer’s problems
  2. Publish white papers and offer them to site visitors with a simple download and registration process.
  3. At will, easily add new pages or to modify content as needed, without having to go back to your web developer or graphic designer.
  4. Engage with your website’s visitors by offering live content from your social media networks
  5. Host your own video blog posts
  6. Host your own product related videos, or customer testimonials or interviews
  7. Serve podcasts to your customers and website visitors
  8. Provide commenting opportunities on your content
  9. Offer interactive sharing tools for your site’s visitors, including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (as well has many, many more social web options.)
  10. Capture leads/registrations to your website.
  11. Easily provide RSS feeds of your site’s content.
  12. Automatically, deliver your new content to your subscription list by e-mail.
  13. Integrate your site with your e-mail marketing platform collecting both new subscriptions and displaying your prior newsletters.
  14. Host surveys and collect potential customer’s responses to help direct your company’s growth and direction.
  15. Easily provide up-to-date product and data sheets for customers
  16. Include dynamic search and capture data about what people are searching for as they visit your website.
  17. Offer seasonal specials, sales and flash-sales.
  18. Offer support forums with customer service staff.
  19. Increase your business’s inclusion in search engine results pages
  20. Share your latest earned media articles or press materials with journalists.

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