10 Reasons to Use WordPress as your CMS

We believe that WordPress is the best content management system there is.

If you you need to make your case to your colleagues, partners or friends, we provide—

Our top ten reasons to use WordPress as your CMS:

  • Ease of Installation—most hosting providers offer 1-click installs which make it easy to start the process. There are some things you must do to “harden” it against intruders. Because if everyone installs in exactly the same manner, then you can be easy prey for a hack. So, follow WordPress’ tips.
  • Menu Structure—Starting with WordPress 3.0, the menu system offers flexibility galore.
  • Many widget areas—From calls-to-action, to archives, recent posts, search, Tweet streams, and social media can all be easily displayed in the multiple “sidebars” now supported by WordPress 3.0. So when we code a theme, we can place sidebars in any location we need to display chunks of content.
  • Ease of posting—From the get-go, WordPress was designed to allow you to share, write, and publish rich content. You can post from your smart phone, from your desktop or any connected device.
  • Scheduling posts—As one of my colleagues is fond of saying, “It’s baked in.” Scheduling posts is a normal function that is very simple to use and manage.
  • Password protected pages/posts—Need to share something privately? Like a review, or proposal? You can quickly add the content to a new page or post and password protect it, sharing the PW and URL with the recipient who can easily navigate to the page, log in and provide comments right on the post or page.
  • Extensibility—Because it’s Open Source, the API is available to many people to add to the code. Why should you care about this? Because if it’s a function you can think of, most probably there’s an extension, i.e. a “plug-in” for that. Not all are well coded, and each must be evaluated to be sure they are going to do what you need, but you can perhaps get what you need more easily.
  • Support for multiple templates—Do you want your landing page or home page to look and function differently than your other pages? If you do, then WordPress with it’s support of multiple templates within one theme is exactly what you need.
  • Plays well with others—WordPress is friendly. Has your site gotten larger and you need to port it to a new home/host? The software makes it very easy to move or export your database and content.
  • Ease of re-skinning—Every now and then you might want a face-lift for your site. If you are using WordPress, the process is much easier because the data remains in the database and the public face or theme can easily be changed. You may need to plan how to use your new theme and how to give each area it’s due, but it’s fairly manageable.



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